"They kill us! They kill the children!"

Infiltration is the fourteenth mission in Second Sight. It takes place in Dubrensk on 22nd February, 10:05 hrs.


WinterICE have met heavy resistance as they attempt to make their way into Dubrensk village. The situation is critical. Jayne and Colonel Starke decide that John's psychic powers mean that he alone stands the best chance of finding Grienko.




Sasha Barranikov: "They kill us! They kill the children! Stop them!"

Jayne Wilde: "We'll rescue the children."

Sasha: "No! Do not go near them!"

Colonel Joshua Starke: "Don't worry, we not gonna hurt them."

Sasha: "The children will hurt you. They are frightened. You, you are like children, they will not hurt you. You must go. Alone."

Dr John Vattic: "Me?"

Jayne: "I told you John."

Sasha: "Go, please to church. Go under village. There is key, in red house, in village. You must save them."

Dr John Vattic: "I'm going."

Starke: "Vattic!"

Jayne: "Let him go! That's why he's here. We've done all we can."


  • Failing this mission will show the "Prepare Him" Enigma cutscene.